Dry Skin

Skin Care Products For Dry Skin

We have made it our life’s work to create confidence for our customers through evidence based skincare.

Our skincare is formulated by a cosmetic chemist and cosmeceutical grade. We use a clean science philosophy that harnesses the synergy of nature and science. We are proud to have created a range of products that will outperform anything off the shelf that you may already be using. 

Dry skin can be chronic and uncomfortable, yet can be combated easily by using our sensitive and dry skin products as a part of your daily routine. At Synergie Skin, we understand that dry skin can be caused by different things so there is no one size fits all solution. Some factors that impact on dry skin include the following:

  • Dehydration 
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Chronic illness
  • Sun and environmental damage
  • Changes in the weather
  • Altered diet
  • Using the incorrect products

Looking for a new skin care treatment for dry skin?

The key to looking after dry skin is to repair and strengthen the vulnerable skin barrier. Once your skin is already flaky and beginning to peel off, it is in need of a serum, moisturising or gel to rectify the issue. Keeping your face lips , hands and body properly hydrated will prevent premature signs of ageing, such as fine lines and alleviate the discomfort that comes with this common skin condition.

Ingredients to look for in good products for dry skin

  • Vitamin B or Niacinamide
  • Squalane or squalene
  • Antioxidants
  • Sea Buckthorn oil
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Peptides
  • Saccharide isomerate
  • Blackcurrant seed oil
  • Meadowfoam oil

Ingredients to avoid for dry skin 

  • Alcohol-based toners
  • Silicones or Dimethicone
  • Mineral oil or Petrolatum
  • Artificial fragrances
  • SLS or sodium laureth sulfate

Buy sensitive and dry skin products today

We know how delicate skin can be, especially if you suffer from dry and sensitive skin conditions. Our products for really dry skin are able to be used by most people with issues caused by sunburn or a condition such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Using a gentle exfoliant will help to remove dry and dead skin cells and promote renewal and repair of healthier skin. If you haven’t got a solid daily skincare routine with essential products for really dry skin, then it is high time you implemented one. We have formulated many serums that can lock in any moisturisers you use on your skin, leaving you with a smoother, healthier and more even skin tone that doesn’t peel or flake.

At Synergie Skin you can find a whole range of products that help combat other common complaints like oily skin, rosacea and acne. Our expertly formulated range is unisex for all genders including men for healthy skin.

For more information about our skin care treatment for dry skin, get in touch with us or browse the wide range online today.