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We are proud of what we do at Synergie Skin and want to share it with our customers to empower them to look and feel confident in their skin.

Our exceptional products have been expertly formulated and will outperform over the counter products. Research, time and resources have been put into the development of each of these active, evidence based cosmeceutical products.

If you’re thinking about boosting your skincare routine with some active ingredients or have noticed some changes in your skin that need attention, then our introductory kits are for you. We have many different products in trial sizes that can help to alleviate symptoms of acne, sensitive skin, oily skin, visible signs of ageing and plenty more. No matter whether you want an introductory kit for travel or for use at home, you can trust that our experts have selected all the items to work harmoniously together for your skin.

The total clean science solution for your skin

We understand the intimidating amount of information available online when it comes to skincare. It is difficult to know what is best for your skin type, or to even figure out what your skin type even is (sensitive skin/oily skin/dry skin etc.). Before you embark on a new skincare routine, you may want to contact us at head office or find a clinic for advice. Our introductory kits can be a great entry point into using serums and other products with active ingredients like botanical oils, peptides and exfoliating actives. Our kits include products with ingredients that can help post clinic treatment care, and common conditions like hyperpigmentation, rosacea and melasma.

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We always suggest you get to know your skin before choosing new products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our ingredients, or alternatively head to your closest Synergie Skin stockist.